About Mountain Kids

Mountain Gymnastics Training Center was founded in Fort Collins in 1976 by Ron and Mary Baretta. Ron was a collegiate gymnast, WAC all-around champion, and 2002 Colorado State University Sports Hall of Fame inductee. Mary received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance.

Their daughter Anna Navares, a mother of three energetic kids, is the owner of the Louisville Mountain Kids location. The second-generation, family-run organization makes for a fun environment that the whole family can enjoy!

The Vision For Mountain Kids

Ron and Mary had a very specific vision for Mountain Kids that still rings true today:

To provide an opportunity for children to grow in confidence and physical ability through a variety of activities in a safe and positive learning environment. Their commitment to safety, fun, and learning — with the professional staff to see it through — provides the foundation for their hope that all children will come through their programs with a lifelong love of learning.

Because of this vision, Mountain Kids has grown into the amazing gymnastics and dance facility that it is today. This vision is what inspired Anna to open the location in Louisville back in 2004.

Our Professional and Nurturing Faculty

Our gymnastics coaches are kind, caring, knowledgeable, and focused on promoting happy, healthy, and confident kids! The dance faculty is one of the most highly trained and professional faculties in the area. Each teacher is a professional dancer by trade, is formally trained, and offers an inspiring and healthy approach to learning to dance.

We’ve done everything we can to create a family-friendly atmosphere — from an easy registration process to an encouraging class environment and even participating in community events. Our warm and welcoming environment will make you and your children feel like you’re part of the Mountain Kids family — because you are!

An Overview Of Our Programs

At Mountain Kids, we offer a variety of gymnastics and dance classes to keep your child interested and engaged in learning. We even have programs for adults and teenagers to participate in, too! Check out our different programs below and visit each program’s page for more information on each course.


We’ve cultivated a safe and fun environment for your child to learn the strength, flexibility, balance, spatial awareness, and confidence associated with gymnastics. Your child will gain a positive outlook on physical fitness to incorporate into their daily lives as they grow and mature. We offer a variety of gymnastics classes geared toward different age groups. We have gymnastics classes for toddlers (with mom and dad), preschoolers, children in elementary school, as well as adolescents in middle and high school. Feel free to sit in on your child’s class at any time! We also offer prorated fees if you enroll in the middle of a course. Find out more information about each of our gymnastics classes.

Ninja Zone

Our Ninja gymnastics classes focus on uninterrupted movement through a series of obstacles. With fluidity and stealth, your child will learn to use a combination of skillful spins, rolls, flips, jumps, and kicks. This curriculum is a clever combination of gymnastics, martial arts, break dancing, and cross-training. Our Ninja levels are broken down similarly to martial arts in the colors white, yellow, green, and blue in order from beginner to advanced. If your child is a beginner, enroll them in white and they will be evaluated and grouped according to age. Check out the Ninja Zone program page for more information and to register your child.

Dance Classes

For decades, Mountain Kids has been a leader in dance education. We believe that our success comes as a result of providing solid training and quality service, as well as our underlying belief in the strength of our organization. Our teachers are lifelong learners who are constantly bettering their personal skills through certification programs, teacher-training schools, conferences, and more. We offer a variety of dance styles and are committed to providing the highest quality dance classes to you and your child. Find out more about our dance program and the dance classes you or your child can register for.

Mountain Preschool

Mountain Preschool was established in 1986. It offers a positive and nurturing environment for children from ages 3 to 5 years old. Our professional staff provides a loving, creative, and knowledgeable learning environment to stimulate your little one intellectually, emotionally, and socially. We also offer a weekly gymnastics class as part of our preschool curriculum, as well as other optional activities. Learn more about Mountain Preschool and register your child today.

And So Much More

At Mountain Kids, we offer a variety of other services outside of our gymnastics classes, dance classes, and preschool. Browse the site to learn more about our other programs that you or your child might be interested in. We have a clothing shop to find workout gear and uniforms for your young athlete, as well as a café that serves hot and cold beverages and snacks for your personal enjoyment while your child is in class. Stop by today or contact us for more information about our facility!