1. 5 Ways To Support Your Child In Gymnastics

    When your child shows an interest in gymnastics, it’s natural that you’d want to be as supportive as possible. It’s easy to encourage them to train as hard as they can, or have them invest extra time working out to improve their skills, but it’s actually their instructor’s job to make sure…Read More

  2. 5 Benefits Of Reading To Your Toddler

    When it comes to spending quality time with your toddler, one of the best activities you can do with them is read. Not only is it a bonding experience for the two of you, but it also helps prepare them for preschool by giving them a head start on learning the skills they will need. Read more about t…Read More

  3. What To Wear

    Please come to class with your hair tied back. For beginners leotards or comfortable workout wear are appropriate. For more advanced classes leotards and well fitted shorts or leggings are fine for girls and well fitted workout wear for boys is recommended. For all levels please avoid jeans, restric…Read More

  4. Summer Dance Camps 2018

    Join us for some exciting new dance classes and camps this summer! Lil Kids Dance Camps for ages 3-7 (3 days) Princess In this camp we’ll celebrate being a princess. Learn to dance with princesses like Sophia, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Jasmine, and more. Trolls We invite you …Read More

  5. Dress Code

    Mountain Dance maintains a dress code for each class. Uniformity in dancewear allows the teachers to assess how well the students are implementing the technique being taught, problems with alignment, and other important aspects of dance training. Students should carry their dancewear, shoes, and oth…Read More

  6. Our Instructors

    Our Instructors July 22, 2018 Our incredible instructors are one of the things that sets us apart from other dance studios. Our faculty is committed to providing experiential learning, strong technical training and cultivating a love of dance for all Mountain Dance students. Each of our instructors …Read More